Women & Child’s Rights Organization

Dear Editor,

My name is Comrade Jessica Okere Ogwata. I am 41years of age.I have HND in Accounting and MBA in Financial Mgt.I have been a member of Human Rights Organization know as Civil Liberties Organization(CLO) for 16 years.

CLO is not about women or child’s Rights but it is about the Rights of less privilege people in the society.

Over the years, I have been nurturing this dream of founding NGO that will center on women&child’s Rights then recently, I came up with the name-United Support for Women&Child’s Rights Organization(USWCRO).

But Presently, I am having a very frustrating challenges of not having enough fund to register it.I just lost my husband 3months ago.

In Nigeria, registering Human Rights NGO is very costly&frustrating. It takes $800 to file and register such organization like our own. To be frank, we are not asking for cash but if there is any NGO near us that can assist us with a lawyer or assist us by paying the required fees directly to Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).We will highly appreciate that.

Meanwhile, I have started a facebook group page for it and as an admin of a campaign facebook group of over 21,000 members, it is easier for me to get women that want to join us.

BUt it will not sound reasonable to ask them to help us raise money to register the NGO and my trustees are all activists,media women with noble interest&passion for the cause but they do not have money to contribute or support me.

I am appealing to well-meaning women rights fighters to assist us in taking off.
If we are able to take off,we can source our funding within our country.Alternatively, we may affiliate with any international organization in future.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Comrade Jessica Okere Ogwata.

For: United Support for Women&Child’s Rights Organization.

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