Dubai 9th Grader

Dear Women’s Rights Worldwide,
I am writing to your organization to address the issue of women’s rights in developing countries. I am aware that your organization is actively addressing these issues and creating action plans however I believe there is still more that can be done. Women’s rights are not to be pushed aside, and the problem is awareness. These women don’t have a voice, meaning that they are trapped and no one knows. Your organization has the ability to spread women’s rights and their issues around their world fast. So many global citizens are interested in helping these women, however awareness is the key to understanding what they can do to help.
The women of developing countries such as Sudan, Saudi, Africa do not have the rights deserved and are unequally treated compared to men of these countries. They are in desperate need of outside help to make these rights clear so that they are given the needs to live their life in peace. Personally, I feel deeply that all humans should be given equal rights on needs such as education, healthcare, safety, privacy, clothing, etc. This means that women should have the same rights as men do, regardless of the country, government, or society. The women of many third world countries are struggling with having a voice, which is mostly the reason that women’s rights are given. Every women is entitled to their own opinion, education, healthcare, etc., and it is a human right that is universal. By having unequal gender rights, it limits so many other needs for women. They have limited education, meaning that the jobs offered to these women are extremely limited. Women with no rights also have limited healthcare, meaning diseases and infections are easier to kill the women and children. Women are also entitled to a voice and personal privacy, which is not realistic in countries such as Saudi. These women can not fight against governments because of the consequences that they face with voicing their concerns. They are facing standards such as imprisonment, death, whipping, etc because of they way they try to express themselves. Hundreds of women are violated and abused for voicing their thoughts, and the United Nations has agreed on a national day to end violence against women and girls. For example, your organization has acknowledge and helped incidents where girls have faced slavery, rape, forced marriage or absorption. These are qualities of any right given for women, and girls from the age of 7 have faced awful incidents such as these. It isn’t enough to fight against these governments, there needs to an action plan in order to change the rules. The women need their rights, or else there will be issues that continue to grow with a tyranny of male power. Women’s Rights Worldwide can be an amazing organization if it works with organizations such as the United Nations, who have supported women’s rights with the founding charter. It’s quote is “To achieve international co-operation … in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.” If all organizations agree to accomplish this goal, then women’s rights will be stated clearly and hopefully all societies will follow these rights.This is the reason why they need help from organizations (such as your organization Women’s Rights Worldwide) to voice their concerns and equal their rights and needs.
In conclusion, I believe that there needs to be more organizations helping to free these women from their living conditions, or change the rules of women’s rights in countries that are struggling. If women’s rights can be equal to men’s, this can increase jobs for women, education, personal privacy for women, and an increase in the chances of women’s right to vote. In order for these rules to change, people need to commit to helping organizations and improving these rights. The action of creating “National Days” or “Declarations against Violence” can help raise awareness towards the governments that need to change. People need to know about what’s happening to these women and there needs to be a change. As global citizens and part of the universal human rights, we need to ensure that all women and girls have the same rights deserved as men and boys do. I believe that Women’s Rights Worldwide can make a difference in how these women live and what can happen to raise awareness and improve their rights.
Thank you,
9th Grader

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