Women & Child’s Rights Organization

Dear Editor,

My name is Comrade Jessica Okere Ogwata. I am 41years of age.I have HND in Accounting and MBA in Financial Mgt.I have been a member of Human Rights Organization know as Civil Liberties Organization(CLO) for 16 years.

CLO is not about women or child’s Rights but it is about the Rights of less privilege people in the society.

Over the years, I have been nurturing this dream of founding NGO that will center on women&child’s Rights then recently, I came up with the name-United Support for Women&Child’s Rights Organization(USWCRO). Continue reading Women & Child’s Rights Organization

My Stealthy Freedom

My Stealthy Freedom is an online social movement that was started by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad on May 3, 2014. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 women in Iran have had to cover their hair in public, but many Iranian women and men feel that wearing a hijab in public should be a personal choice. To address this issue we created a Facebook page where women from inside Iran could share photos of themselves not wearing their hijabs. Our website is a living archive of the photos and videos shared with us by these brave women, and the media coverage (both good and bad) that we receive from inside and outside Iran


Stateless Children of Iran

My name is (withheld) and I am a first-year student at Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne. I thoroughly read the report of the United Nation committee on the rights of Iranian children (01/12/2016). Thus, I am willing to underline in this letter one important subject that was not discussed nor mentioned by the committee: the right of Iranian women to pass on their citizenship to their children.

Currently resident in Iran are hundreds of thousands of children, who are unrecognized and “stateless” children. Continue reading Stateless Children of Iran

To Be Female

“Thank Heaven for Little Girls” – The lyrics to Maurice Chevalier’s most enduring song describe an idyllic view of little girls and the women they become. There is much in our art and literature that romanticizes girls and women and the role they play in our culture. But sadly, in our world today, being female often means being sentenced to a life of poverty, abuse, exploitation, and deprivation. Continue reading To Be Female

Dubai 9th Grader

Dear Women’s Rights Worldwide,
I am writing to your organization to address the issue of women’s rights in developing countries. I am aware that your organization is actively addressing these issues and creating action plans however I believe there is still more that can be done. Women’s rights are not to be pushed aside, and the problem is awareness. Continue reading Dubai 9th Grader